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MEET JENNY, Founder of Specs

Falling in love with the process of learning about a business and telling a story through visual communications, Jenny attended Greenville University to receive a Bachelors Degree in Digital Media with an emphasis in Graphic Design. She began creating websites using WordPress at this time, and has been doing so ever since!

Jenny loves telling stories and learning about the businesses behind those stories to tell it in the best way possible. After gaining experience in a lot of different mediums, she decided to utilize a lot of different methods of visual storytelling and uses a custom approach to each project.

She's also a firm believer that there's nothing a good cup of coffee and a snuggle session with her pups can't cure!

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Jenny is wonderful to work with! We did not understand how creating or maintaining a website worked but every time we called Jenny would make any changes we needed.

She went above and beyond with our logo and the website design. If you're looking for someone to create an amazing website, Jenny will help you with your needs.  

— Ana, Clarity Ponds

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